THATCamp AHA logistics

Just some reminders about THATCamp AHA tomorrow:

We’ll be starting with coffee and mingling at 8:15am on Wednesday, January 3rd, just before AHA itself, at Funger Hall, 2201 G Street NW, Washington, DC. Travel information is on the site at, as is the (still blank of course) schedule information at

And speaking of blank schedules, why not propose something to fill it in? If you haven’t been to an unconference before, you can read about proposing a session at If you don’t get around to proposing something before January 3rd, or if you’re unsure about the process, no worries: you can always suggest an idea on the morning of the unconference or even after it’s underway.

Most THATCamp sessions in my experience tend to be discussions (Talk sessions), which are plenty valuable in themselves, but we *strongly* encourage you to propose hands-on collaborative writing or coding sessions (Make sessions) or digital skills workshops (Teach sessions) that will let everyone learn and work together productively. You’d be surprised at how useful even a spontaneously organized workshop can be: I’ve been at THATCamps where someone mentions a tool in one session and then by popular demand agrees to teach it in the next: unconferences are great at determining what the people in the room really want to learn and do.

To propose a session, click the “Log in” link on the site’s home page, then choose Posts –> Add New, write notes in the text box, and hit “Publish” when you’re done. See for more help, or just play around in the THATCamp AHA website itself.

Finally, a word about food. We’ll provide coffee, but you’re on your own for breakfast and lunch. There are plenty of great places to eat around Funger Hall. See you tomorrow!