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PODCASTS : A growth field! Skills students can learn! Public History for museums, libraries; branded podcasts.
New Books and History Podcast ; Back Story Radio; Radio Public; Stitcher
DH and Public History
Group participants are interested in learning about:
How to set it up – what equipment? Decide if everyone is going to be in one room? Do you always have the same people? Do you have a lot of different people as guests (who won’t buy equipment)?
Buy your own equipment or find a studio you can use. Universities sometimes have a set up – sometimes the Comm Dept has a radio station, you could rent out time. Check out mics from library. Best set up all in room is studio , or get a digital recorder with mic, or a mixer if more than one person and mics for each person. Or your closet! good research. Zencastr connect like Skype with your guest. Use USB mic – Blue Yeti
Doing them – who is it for? Why are you doing it – that leads to format. #AIRsters AIRdaily
Need to measure who is listening somehow. Lots of commuters, doing laundry, exercising. Where they don’t want a visual thing.
Why not video? Need to think this through. YouTube – you can put up onw still image and have it be all sound. Alternatively, use SoundCloud set to private, and it’s free — (talk to Holly Dugan!)
Teaching with them – where do they get the equipment, how do they turn it in?
For class where quality is less important, it can be simple: Record it together around one phone, can upload through BlackBoard! (for an audience of one: the professor)
AUDACITY (older) has its pros and cons
All podcasts need higher quality audio to be competitive today.

Comment on Announcing THATCamp AHA 2018 by Diane Cline Sat, 23 Dec 2017 00:43:13 +0000 Howdy, campers! If you are looking for wifi, first try Eduroam if your institution participates in that. If not, have no fear, GWconnect is here. Start by going to this webpage: and then to the tab for Visitors. Follow the [convoluted] process and hopefully it will work. Otherwise, look for a friend with an unlimited data plan and a personal hot spot (kidding?).