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The dreadful attacks on the US have been seized by the Bush
administration to provide a defining mission that otherwise would be
missing. The socalled ""War on Terrorism"" is broadly defined so as to
justify many different actions , both domestically and abroad, by Bush
and his followers. The rights of citizens are being abridged or
threatened. A foolish war against Iraq continues to be posed by
Bushniks in power.

And the murder of US innocents is used as an excuse to ignore more basic
issues at home, like the lack of universal health care (the US is the
only advanced industrialized country that does not base access to care
upon medical need, just ability to pay), corporate corruption, and
economic uncertainty. The large increases in defense spending will not
have the economically stimulative effect of other kinds of spending,
which tends to cycle more of the spending throughout other parts of the

Lastly, the specter of fear and loathing that the Bushniks have created
serves to distract us from the intellectual emptiness of an
administration whose main accomplishment has been to pass a tax cut
which will mostly benefit the wealthiest 1% and neglect the rest of us.
And the circumstances whereby this unelected President has been foisted upon us by a Republican-dominated Supreme Court in a penultimate act of lawlessness are of course beyond comment in the society which Bush has led us to.


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